Friday, April 24, 2009

Movin' On Up

The boys are gone for the day. After they left, I did a quick run through the house with the vacuum and dust cloth. But for today that's it...just a lick and a promise!
Like Mama always said..."It's not going anywhere. It'll still be here tomorrow!"
Tomer has a Sports Run after school. It's about 30 minutes away, so he will be gone for hours. He has to wait there until the meet is over...then drive them all back to the High School. He started a new bus route yesterday. Says it's heaven compared to the last one...but he was rather melancholy saying his goodbyes to the kids. (He moved up quicker than we expected) He prays every morning, that he is in the will of the Lord...and that God will use him to be an example, to this generation coming up.
Tomorrow is opening day of Little League...Yes, let the games begin! On Saturday's, you will find us sitting at the baseball fields watching our Maddy and Ian...cheering them on...Rah!
The weather here is perfect. 82' today and 80' again tomorrow. Our perennials are popping up everywhere...can't wait until the yard is bursting with color!!! I know Spring is finally here because our Cherry tree is now in full it!
Have a great week end all...I'll be singing "take me out to the ballgame", I need me some Cracker Jacks!"

Love to All!


byhisgracealone said... you have me singing take me out to the ballgame....I will drive my hubby crazy today if I sing that song while planting roses!!

Pat said...

Glad Tom got moved up so quickly, he's already made a Godly impression on his kids from his last route, it's time to move on and share Gods love!
Go Maddy and team! Wear some sun screen and have lots of fun!!

Margie said...

FUN!! Good for him!!