Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Here

BREAKING NEWS...the Woodhaven/Brownstown School System is shutting down the entire district for the rest of the week. Tomer got the call about an hour ago since he drives a bus for that district. A Senior, who went to Cancun on Spring Break is suspected of having the Swine Flu. And they won't know definitely until they get the results back from the lab. So, they are taking no chances.
Tomer said that when he came in from his Sports Run tonight, the News Media was everywhere...big surprise eh? I won't be watching any news! Oh, he also said that the cashier at the Party Store across the street from the school, was already sporting a mask earlier in the day. She was not taking any chances!
I am not at all in a panic...we went through this a few years back with the Bird Flu. So, I will just wash my hands alot, and I always carry hand sanitizer in my purse. Don't think I'm quite ready for a mask just yet...I will put my family in the Lord's Hands and He always, take care of us.

Love to All!


Diane said...

I like your style Trish! I have found that faith is the appropriate response to all of life's 'emergencies'. Like you, I will be careful, but not fanatical about this. What the government is neglecting to tell everyone is that flu kills more people EVERY year than cancer.

Many hugs..........


byhisgracealone said...


love ya

Margie said...

one of our parents called to see if we were closing out Jr high youth group. NOPE! We will make sure we keep everything cleaned! for crying out loud, it's a media circus/panic!

Constance said...

Living in Texas, I have one thing to say:
Close the friggin' border! Hel-lo!

Fort Worth ISD closed until May 11th and my son's high school's SR Prom is canceled for this weekend. It's been rescheduled May 28th. Crazy isn't it?

The sky is falling!
The sky is falling!

Sara said...

close the border? wow, that's radical thinking. how would the terrorists and illegal immigrants get in? silly connie. meanwhile i am the infection control officer for our hospital and there is indeed a much exaggerated perspective on the news. have no fear, there are health professionals out there who are more than capable of taking care of this. for instance, my co-worker who states, "we don't need to worry. the SWAN flu isn't an issue in a psych facility." rest easy America.

Trish said...

Sara...Manda says "it's just the flu, just give those people some Tamiflu!" And about closing the Borders Tomer says "They can't even keep Illegal Immigrants out of here and Kell pipes up yeah, they'll just swim the Rio Grande!!!"
Oh, and the High School Sr. in Woodhaven, does not have Swine Flu...big surprise.

Samantha said...

God will take care of us all, it is all in his hands.

Hugs and blessings to you Trish,
have a great Friday !

KayMac said...

This is all such an interesting study in human nature. btw, you guys are hilarious!

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