Friday, April 3, 2009

I Think I Can...I Think I Can

Another week is drawing to a close. I only had Elek this morning since the schools had half days and Kell was back here by 9:20a.m.. Mmm...what to do with myself???
Loaded dishwasher, wiped down everything in the kitchen, scrubbed the floors, vacuumed, polished furniture and wiped down the bathroom and Swiffered the bathroom floor. Can't forget making the bed and shaking out all throw rugs. Now it's on to some laundry...UGH!
Then I have to shower and make myself presentable because this afternoon it's off to get groceries and a trip to my favorite beauty supply CosmoProf. And that requires hair done and make up on or with all the Professional Hairdressers in there looking their best you come out feeling like a hag...which I do not enjoy.
Then it's home to put things away and throw something together for Supper. Tonight is Ian Phelps and the Divine Miss Em's last Swim Competitions and we can't miss that!!!
I will return home this evening one tired and happy ol' Gram...whereupon I will hit the couch and veg awhile! Just me and my Tomer sitting quietly together...I am blessed!


Margie said...

tired just reading it!

Pat said...

Busy bee! That's why we fall asleep on the couch watching TV! Good luck Ms.Em and Ian!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Do you mind picking up a few things for me while you are out? ;)

I like the sitting down on the couch at the end of the day part. Aaah

Today's present day grammies are in overdrive if you ask me (I know from experience ... and you have more 'lovies' than I do :)

byhisgracealone said...

Wow is everyday like this or just Fridays !! Bless you!

Terry said...

aw shoot...trish, i was going to have you flown over to welland to help me out with my house cleaning but that mrs. mac beat me to the punch.
woe is terry