Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Saturday

1. Got up earlier than I wanted...Miss Em our early bird spent the night.

2. Enjoyed our breakfast of homemade waffles and fresh pineapple...Mmmm.

3. Miss Em is a lover of Infomercials...she is now watching one about the Body Slimmer. "No muffin top here." She lost 6" after squirming into the thing..."Hey! Where do I dieting."

4. I just enjoyed myself a sneezing fit. Ya know when you sneeze a bizillion times in a row and it sets Niagara flowing!

5. I have to go to a Baby Shower at the Church...looking forward to it.

6. Then it's home to favorite chore. Ugh!

7. It took me forever to upload the above photo!!! So I haven't accomplished as much as I had planned on. But like Mama always says "it's not going anywhere."

8. Maddy's Swim competition is this morning...Kell called she took a 2nd place. Yahoo! PaPa (Tomer) is there. I couldn't make it because of the shower.
Don't have 10 things to list... gotta go!

Love to All!


Mrs. Mac said...

Have a lovely time at the baby shower. And watch out for number #4 on your list ... it can start something else 'a flowin' if you're not careful ... (cross them legs tight sister ;) (sorry lol)

Trish said...

Mrs. got that right sister!!! Don't be sorry it's the truth!!! lol

Terry said...

ha...mrs mac,
laughing too hard can do the same thing.I didn't have my legs crossed in time...i will have to get even with you some how.. had a hard time down loading this picture but if you want my opinion , it was well worth it, eh.
hope you have a great time at the shower.
just keep thinking of miss em and the body slimmer and stay away from all the goodies.
you know trsih, whenever i go to a baby shower what i give as a gift is the baby yearly coin set. it contains a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, fifty cent piece, a loonie and a toonie for the year of the babe's birth.
i figure that it is a gift that will last a life time...
have a blessed lord's day dear trish and thank you so much for your terry

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
Today is April 5th and I hope you are busy celebrating yourself.

Terry blew the whistle and I'm just doing a follower up.
Hope they all join in the happy birthday song on Palm Sunday.
Hugs from Felisol