Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuffed Cabbage & Jello Cake

Here in the Andrews house we are settling down for the evening. It has been a busy, yet very happy day for our family. It was a no school day for everyone. Yahoo!
And in honor of Presidents Day the Historical Henry Ford Museum offered free admission for a stroll down memory lane. So as part of Kelly's birthday celebration she and PaPa (Tomer) packed up all 5 Grandbabies and set off for a day of learning and time well spent. Surprisingly, our Divine Miss Em was not impressed one bit. She found it sooo boring that I know it shortened their exploring...which the others love.
Kell took lots of pictures, which is no surprise. So be sure to check her Blog soon to catch a glimpse of history. (Constance, you would love the place.)
While preparing for Kell's birthday Supper of her favorite Stuffed Cabbage and Jello Cake I found my pantry lacking a few items. So with list in hand off I went to the grocery felt good to be out and about on my own.
And since the Zarazua's (daughter Mandy's family) do not like Stuffed Cabbage...
Can you imagine? What kind of Hungarian is she??? So along with Stuffed Cabbage, I also made a large Taco Salad. That assured this ol' Grammy that everyone would leave here happy and well fed.
Xavier aka Scooter didn't want to go home,so he is spending the night. After walking the museum and running around here with his sissy and cousins. He is lounging on the couch behind me...numb and yawning. Soon he will be asleep and my day almost done.
33 years ago today at 3:26 a.m. I became a Mom...What a Miracle! Especially since Dr.'s had told us it would never happen. God had other plans for us!!!
I am blessed!!!

Love to all!


Pat said...

And what a beautiful baby she was! My mom said Kelly was one of the prettiest babies she had ever seen...that was something coming from her!!
Sounds like you guys had some great food and lots of love today. God is so good!

Constance said...

My oldest daughter Jennifer just turned 31 a couple of weeks ago and I can't imagine my life not being a mother! I'll be seeing Jenn tomorrow night! Yippee!

My folks went on vacation to Michigan back in the early 80's and went to the FORD Museum. Pop hadn't retired from FORD yet and was a spray painter on the assembly line. They LOVED it and took lots of pictures! I am an "over the top" museum person, spending hours looking at exhibits and reading every morsel of information. I mean, why bother going to a museum if you don't intend to learn something right?

Stuffed cabbage sounds wonderful! I love stuffed peppers too. I make them Tex-Mex style these days though!


Deb said...

I love stuffed I might have to make some for dinner soon!

Happy Belated birthday to Kell --how did I miss that?!

Margie said...

I love stuffed cabbage!! I'm the only one in the house who eats it!