Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Doings

1. Miss Em & I made our favorite breakfast of homemade waffles and warm maple syrup.

2. Quickly cleaned up and headed to the Mart for groceries before the winter storm arrived.

3. Whew...we made it home with time to spare and worked as a team putting everything away.

4. I then vacuumed, swiffer vac'd the kitchen, polished tables, made the beds...yes, I went to the Mart with unmade beds...gasp! Oh, and I scrubbed the bathroom.

5. Of course there's laundry...1 load down about 3 more to go!

6. Just took Maddy's favorite Funfetti cake out of the oven to cool. Em who is now snoozing, because she was awake at 5 a.m. will frost it after it cools and her napping is done.

7. I still have to make Maddy's favorite supper of Lasagna and Garlic bread. We are celebrating her birthday a day late because her Mama and Daddy were sick yesterday. And besides she wanted to go ice skating with her friends last night.
For those Zarazua's that do not like Lasagna, I bought Fried Chicken from the deli,
gotta keep everyone happy!

8. The winter storm has arrived! We could get up to 7" before it's through...It's winter in Michigan.

9. I am looking lovely in my sweat pants and plan to stay that way. Warm & comfy!

10. My firstborn Grandbaby is 12 years old. Next year my Madsy will be a teenager...big sigh.

Stay warm and have a blessed, peaceful weekend.

Love to all!!!


Pat said...

Busy list today! About all I did was move my treadmill in the basement so I could start using it again (hopefully!).
Have a happy birthday party today and kiss all those grands for me!!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll try again ... there seems to be a problem with the word verification ... it always says Loading .... and does not respond or load... Well, I'll be ... forget what I just said above, the comment section seems to work now. Happy B/d celebrations and stay warm.