Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Bambino

It has been a long day and I am tired. I am more than ready for bed BUT I have to tell you that tonight...Luca Antonio Gatto was born. (that's Italian!!!) Weighing in at 8 lbs.&7 oz. and he was 21" long. Luca is the son of Meaghan, our daughter Mandy's best friend since 10th grade. (they are now 30 yrs. old)
Miss Meaghan has been around this place so much, that she is like my own. So, tonight I feel as if my 6th Grandbaby has arrived! That makes 4 Grandboys! Oh, boy! Needless to say Kell (the official photographer) was at the hospital this morning so I had 3 Grandbabies all day. And Mandy went straight there as soon as she got off work...There was no way they were going to miss being there when Luca came into the world! Tony (Meg's hubby) got queasy from some of the procedures and was such a wreck at times that when they had to do a Csection, well, they didn't know if he'd remain standing...he did. Kelly even asked during labor if she was going to have to be the Tony catcher and Meaghan replied with her usual sarcasm "No, just let him hit the floor, you're here for me!"
So, tonight the Andrews gals are a happy bunch...waiting for this little Bambino has been a joy!

Love to All!


Terry said...

Dear Trish.
That is such good news!
And you don'. thiert even look like a gramma!
I guess that babe certainly is many visitors!
I remember once that Bernie and I were visiting someone in the hospital and we met a bunch of Italian men coming out the exit door.
Their hands were flying and their mouths were going a mile a minute!
Now one of the guys worked with Bernie, so I asked him, "Hey Dominic, is everything OK?"
"Oh yes...We just had a newa baby! We were just visiting!"
Now Dominic was just an uncle and I guess the rest of the guys were all uncles too.
And all of that excitemnet!
I just bet they had to kick them off the baby floor for causing such a commotion! Ha!! Mama-mia

Deb said...

What a beautiful baby boy! And I LOVE his name (I'm Italian, after all!)

Pat said...

Oh what a precious gift from God! He is beautiful and I thhnk his name fits him perfectly! May God bless their family and may their home be filled with love and laughter!!

Terry said...

His name means "Man from Lucania"
And judging by Kell's picture, he sure is one handsome little man!
Long piano fingers and toes curled up to perfection!......Love Terry