Monday, July 28, 2014

You Matter

 Over 7 billion people on the planet. 119,439 births and 83,458 deaths so far today. Wow...
And there's only One who has every hair on every head numbered. Only One who welcomes each person to earth and watches over their last breath. Only One.

You see, we can never be big. Only God is big.

And we can never be small. Because God says we matter.

So when we feel the pressure to be "big" in some way, we can remind ourselves that God alone gets to claim that word. And when we face the temptation to feel small, we can remind ourselves that every hair on our heads are numbered by a wild and glorious God.

You can let go of "big" as well as "small" and instead simply be.
Be loved.
Be known.
Be certain that your worth is beyond measure.



Sandy said...

This is truly awesome, Trish! I feel the Lord's love just reading these truth-filled words. So sweet, and yet so profound. Made my day!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those numbers are amazing! Thank you for sharing God's love for me.

Crown of Beauty said...

This post touched my heart this evening. It is a beautiful ending to one day, and the start of another.



Felisol said...

It is wonderufl beyond understanding to be loved by God. Yet, he knows how we are created. He remembers we are dust. Yet he loves as more than the most precious jewel.
It makes my heart sing with joy.