Monday, January 27, 2014

Waiting, Waiting And Waiting Some More

This morning, I decided to head out to the Mart to pick up a gallon of paint, after finally choosing a color from the swatches that I brought home last week.  Tomer has all walls patched and primed ...Yippee!
What I expected to be a quick trip...had me gone for almost two hours!  I first, picked up a couple of items that I needed and made my way to the paint department...not a soul in sight. I strolled the aisles looking for someone.  Hallelujah, I finally find someone and she kindly called for help.  Soon, a nice man from another department comes to my rescue.
I hand him my chosen sample and he grabs the light base off the shelf and as he types in the formula... the machine says that it must be purged first.  Okay,  he cleans it and empties the is now purged. Onward we go, or so we the machine is telling him that some of the tints are low.  Sigh...As he starts checking out the tints, he discovers that every single one of the tints are about empty.  Poor guy is apologizing but it is surely not his fault.  He says that this is supposed to be done... every night.  Hmmm...someone hasn't done their job.
To make a long story short...I stood there, well over an hour... for one gallon of paint!  When I was finally handed my paint...He thanked me for my patience and apologized once again.  And in return, I thanked him for being such a conscientious worker and doing a great job.
We, he and I... could have murmured and complained but instead, we chatted and laughed and made the most of a bad situation.  Thank you Lord. ...I got my paint and Tomer has been informed that school is cancelled for tomorrow, that will give him the whole day to maybe finish up.
The bathroom re-do continues...


donna said...

I bet it will be beautiful. Hope you share a picture or two.

Margie said...

i love you aunt pat! I love that you brought Light to what could have been a dark situation! i hope i grow up to be just like you!

Linda Jackson said...

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint does for a place! And as far as the computer...what ever happened to mixing with human hands. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

How's the bathroom re-do coming along? You do have a lot of patience :) Today we spring forward .. YEA!

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Hi Trish, I'm so glad you stopped by my place. It is so good to meet you. Sandy said what a great lady you are. I am looking forward to knowing you better. I love this little story. Just another ordinary miracle today because of the faithfulness of God.