Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About A Boy

Elek is our youngest Grandchild...He is a 5 year old  "know it all" and believe me, he has no problem correcting anyone!  He, has fashioned himself as the Bad Word Police and will stop you in your tracks if you utter a word that doesn't meet his standards!  Words such as...dumb, stupid, idiot, etc.  He doesn't hear curse words around these parts or at least that's what this ol' grammy thought.  Oh boy.
He is computer savvy and has shown this ol' grammy a thing or two, or three, or four...sheesh.  Anyway, on to my story.  He is a Gamer...when he comes to stay the night he can get himself to Nick Jr. on this computer and play his games.  BUT, we learned right quick to keep our ears open because unbeknownst to us, he can end up on YouTube with but a click. Imagine my horror when I heard a not so nice word!!!  "Elek James what are you watching!?"   It sure wasn,t Nick Jr.!
So, he has been warned by both his Papa and I," if we catch you on YouTube there will be no more Computer for you!"  Yes, we have become Computer Nazi's. LOL.  Well, the whole point of the tale is that last week, while at home...He says to his Mama "I need to go on YouTube to learn more "Bad Words" because, I am the Bad Word Police."   Imagine my horror, when I got the text from Kell informing me of this!?  Thankfully, his Mama agrees with us...No YouTube for you, young man!
Blessings Y'all.