Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Star Games And Home

After sweltering temps last week and lots of time spent at the Ball Field..."Hey now Em's an All Star!"   It is sooo nice, to be able to mosey around the yard and enjoy time with my Tomer.  Yes, he still requires my presence after all these years...even if all I do is sit and watch him dead head the plants.  Go figure?  Lol.
I do, though, keep the back porch hosed down and cobweb free and every time that I do...I tell myself that the porch swing and wooden rocker could use a coat or two of paint.  Somehow, I just can't for the life of me decide on a color!  Guess a trip to JoAnn's for some Patio paint is in order... I have a 30 per cent off coupon that needs to be used and you can't beat a good sale now can you?
Tomer and 3 of the Grandbabies are off fishing and I have had the whole morning to myself...Hallelujah... Hallelujah...Ha lay lu jah!!!  The house is in order, the bathroom sparkles and our bedroom has been cleaned from top to bottom.  Yes, it is cobweb and dust bunny free,  furniture is polished and even the rug was washed and is now back in place.   Ahhh.
I have since been trying to talk myself into moving on to the next bedroom but have decided that it can
wait until another day.  Yep, think I'll grab a cup of coffee and my Kindle.  Supper's in the Crock pot and I am foot loose and fancy free!  Catch y'all later!!!
Have a blessed day...God is good and I am surely blessed!


Mrs. Mac said...

Well .. you must have been a good girl to get some time off :) Wish I was a little bit closer .. I'd drive over to keep you company :)

Trish said...

Cathy...I would love to have your company!

Felisol said...

Good, the dust doesn't disappear, but the summer does.
Outdoor reading is the ultimate thing to do to really seize the summer!

Crown of Beauty said...

Since this post was written about a week ago, I figure that you have decided to go into the next room for the kind of general cleaning you did on your bedroom... what a happy post this is, Trish. I truly enjoyed my visit here.
Wish I lived near you, near enough to enjoy a cup of coffee with, and even help you choose the paint for your swing.

What about a lovely shade of green... if I may suggest?