Saturday, November 5, 2011


Here it is Saturday...Tomer left early this morning for a Church Leadership Conference. So Xavier and I enjoyed watching Toy Story 3, while his Mama snoozed on the loveseat. (she works midnights) We snuggled, drank coffee (yes, grammy gives him a small cup of his own) he drew pages filled with stars then cut them out with care. And we just lolled the morning away. Such precious moments that I cherish. For one day he will be grown like our Maddy and I will miss this time with him...sigh.
After Manda finished her nap, she and Xavie headed for home and I got busy around here. The house is vacuumed, dusted and the bathroom wiped down. Now, it's time for the dreaded grocery shopping! It's really sad, that I now have to talk mself into this chore that I once looked forward to! But thank the Lord, good ol' Dollar General has finally come to our area and I happily find myself there at least once a week! I have shopped its aisles, since a young person in my beloved Tennessee and love it for its convenience and great prices. So, I will making my list and checking it twice...they often have $5 off coupons if you spend $25 or more (I actually have 2 if anyone needs one) and seeing that I need cleaning supplies etc., etc....I will easily meet their quota. If you have never shopped at Dollar General...stop in. I highly recommend it...they have lots of seasonal decor and candles...their candles are great and can be found burning here every night. Well, enough of my rambling. I pray that you have a blessed, peaceful weekend...God is faithful!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love Toy Story 2. Wish I had a grandchild to snuggle up with!
I haven't been to a Dollar store in years, I really need to try one.
My grandmother would give me coffee milk. I still like tons of milk in it! Enjoy your day.

Sandy said...

First of all I like your new font.
Cute! I wish I had a grandchild too and we could snuggle and watch Toy Story--any of them. All are great. Lastly, I like the Dollar Store too and there's one right up the street now.
Have a good rest of the weekend.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Trish,
I really love the way you share what's on your mind and heart with us. When I read your posts I feel like I'm right there in front of you listening to you. Always, I come away from your blog with a smile on my face. Well, this time, I scrolled down a bit to read a few more posts. And guess what, I had to google the meaning of the word "ditzy" cause it is not a word that we use around here in my country. English is our second language, but there are many American English words that are not part of our everyday conversation.

Oh, so blondes are often considered ditzy, huh? Now I get the connection between the picture you posted together with your "Ditzy But Glorious" post...

To make you feel better, Trish, men rarely understand women, and I am sure you know that by now. We speak a different language, it is called "Womanese" - now... only a few men know how to speak that very important language!

Enjoyed my time visiting your blog place!


Diane said...

1. I love snuggling with children, any children! 2. I loathe grocery shopping and NEVER go until all my cubboards are empty and I'm down to buttered rice for breakfast! 3. Oh my word! I love Dollar General AND Dollar Tree! I could spend hours and hours just walking the aisles and investigating carefully to make sure there's not some hidden gem that I MUST have if I could but see it and thereby realize I MUST have it!!!! Pray yo will have a blessed Monday! Love you!

Pat said...

Nothing like snuggeling with a's grand!
I love the candles at Dollar General. Their frangrance last much longer then the more expensive brands.
Grocery shopping...I do not like it! I can't wait to get out of there...and then putting it away, ugh! I'd just like to call and have them delivered, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I miss my grandchildren....a lot.