Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ditzy But Glorious

Have you ever felt a bit ditzy? I have! Why? Because there are times when my Tomer looks at me like I have lost my mind. In fact...he has even said "I can't believe you" and that's not because I have spoken an untruth. It's because, he just doesn't get what I am saying! Sheesh.
Now, I do not claim to be a Rhodes Scholar but for crying out loud...don't I complete him??? Lol. I know, I know, life is certainly not like those romantic movies...thank God. And I am understanding in my old age, that men and women are indeed different and God made it so for a reason. I accept that! Yes, indeed I do.
Tomer works to provide for me and in return, I make this house a home that he longs to come home to.
But, the things that we have in common, God also made so...like loving our families and serving God with our whole hearts. So, though he might not always understand my reasoning...that is okay. Why? Because God doesn't make mistakes and we were made for each other! How glorious is that?


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful, it sounds like a wonderful relationship/marriage.

Amrita said...

I feel this way with my Mama.
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Felisol said...

I agree with you; God made us different for a reason. I don't always see the reason, but I gradually accept the difference.

And I know it is love when G follows me to one of these Ladies' magnet stores, where I love to go and just peep, while G finds nothing of interest at all.

I, don't even have a driver's licence now have fun both watching car racing on TV or attending car shows here in town..... sometimes.

My world and my interests sure have broadened because of Gunnar. How he used all his pedagogic skills to make me dear touch a computer. And he fell in love with classical music after following me to the opera in Verona!

Best of all; we share a word from the Bible and a prayer at breakfast table.

Oh, one and one sure adds up to more than two when it comes to marriage.
Trish, we are being blessed.

Becky said...

stopping in. my hubbin has looked at me on more than on occation with "what?!?!". well, what ya gonna do? :)

Diane said...

Indeed, we are blessed with these incredible men in our lives! By the same token, they are blessed with some pretty incredible women in their lives! I continue to give thanks daily for the life I enjoyed with my Terry and for the beautiful memories I have to cherish until I see him again. I love you my sister!