Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Wow! Here it is a rainy, first day of Fall and I am surely ready for the changes that it brings. Like, way less watering and caring for plants and flowers. One morning soon, we will awaken to some sad looking annuals because a frost has taken it's toll on their beauty. But, that's the way it goes here in Michigan and I love it's ever changing seasons.
The colors of Fall, are vibrant and lively...even though, this means, that soon the trees will be bare. That is, until the beauty of Snow covers their branches and makes them sparkle and shimmer in the Sunlight. And oh, I love that too!
So, tomorrow I will be found hauling up my storage bins. Happily, admiring each and every Leaf covered Garland, Scare Crow, Pumpkin and Candy Dishes filled once again... with my favorite Candy Corn, mmmm.
Yes, it is a time for change. My Tomer and the Granbabies, are looking forward to their road trips. Where country roads will, lead them to the woods of Bronson. Where they enjoy sweet, quality time, spent in the Tree Condo and/or Tree Stands...Bow Hunting. And I, of course will enjoy, alone time at home doing the things that I, reading and watching a chick flick or 2 or 3. Lol.
Well, this ol' grammy, has a sick Xavier home from School, who thinks he needs lunch. The Kindergarten cooties, have already had him at the Dr. and on Antibiotics and Cough Meds! Have a blessed day and enjoy this lovely new Season...a Season of slowing down a bit and thanking God for His harvest.
~Love to all.


Sandy said...

Another thing we have in common
besides Michael English--candy
corn! Love it! I decorated my
house with all my fall decor
and it looks so pretty. I was
happy and surprised to find I
had packed away some artificial
sunflowers with a cinnamon and
spice potpourri bag and now our
entire living and dining area
smells wonderful.
Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy this 'slow down' season! I've just started a little bit of fall decorating. Waiting for my garden pumpkins to finish turning orange .. and to pick some corn stalks too. Each season has something to LOVE.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's a shame those bugs have to go around. Poor baby. We actually had some rain this morning. I would love to see your changing trees.
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

YES! Happy Autumn Season!! There has been a chill in the air here now for at least two weeks. As I look at Mt. Fukuchi from my cafe'room windows I can see there are hints of yellow and brown flowing through the absolute favorite time of the year! We are lucky here in Japan-in our area we have an"extended" fall season...lasting till about the beginning of December!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I make my collages in Picasa3 which is a google item. Google uses Picasa with your photos.
It's really pretty easy.