Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City Slicker

Blue Sky Ice Cream and Burgers...Romulus, Michigan

I am a Country girl. I am accustomed to Chickens roaming freely, pecking at the ground and sometimes YOU, if you get too close or they just happen to be in a fowl mood. Lol.
This leads me to the subject of this Post.
Last night after Supper along with our Girls and the Grandbabies. We drove out to the Blue Sky a little roadside Ice Cream and Burger joint. They also have wonderful Onion Rings if you happen to have a hankerin' for them.

You order at the window and believe me, there are plenty of picnic tables, lawn swings etc. so that you can hang out and enjoy your frozen confection or meal.
Well, we got our ice creams and mosied out back to the play area. There the adults can relax as the kids run off some of their boundless energy.
Lo and behold...roaming around next door (the owners of Blue Sky live there) are Chickens and a big ol' Rooster.
Oh, Ian, Em and Xavier were thrilled and off they went to check them out. Now, this ol' grammy gave them fair warning "Don't get too close or they'll come after you!"
Ian, who is 11 years old and knows everything :) is after the Rooster...not smart.
Another warning "Leave the Rooster alone."
The next thing you know that Rooster is off the ground and heading for Ian's shirtless torso! Ahhhh...that boy got out of there in a hurry. (Wish I would've gotten it on video) Maybe, next time that City Slicker Grandson will believe his ol' grammy...I am a country girl after all.
And if you're looking for a little bit of Country...head on down to the Blue Sky! Where you can have yourself an Ice Cream and get flogged by a Chicken at the same time!



Diane said...

Love, love, love this post! I can just see Ian running from that rooster! We too grew up with chickens roaming the yard and I've had my share of run-ins, unfortunately! This sounds like an absolutely perfect place to relax and enjoy a slice of life from a more simple time....priceless!

Many hugs........


Pat said...

We used to have chickens in California..we ate them one by one!
Don't even tell me of a good ice cream place you know I love me some ice cream! I wish there were more of this type of stand and less chain types. Progress, what's a gal gonna do?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Live and learn. Why is it that none of us really believe the words of those who have been there and done that! Sounds like a great place to eat. We go to Mammoth Lakes next Sunday for the week and there is a great place like that to go to called Mono Cone near Mono Lake. We always take a day and go there to have a big custard cone! Thanks for always visiting with me. I would comment back but you are a no-reply.

Margie said...

loved this post!

Mrs. Mac said...

This sounds like a great little place to unwind and breath in a slower pace. Glad the grands know they're grammy knows what she's talkin 'bout!