Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Checking In

Wow! Where has the time gone? I just don't seem to want to sit in front of this computer but decided to check in. Around these parts we are enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer. Oh, the days have been glorious and the boys are enjoying their time outdoors, (with Papa) running off some of their boundless energy...and believe me, that is a very good thing for this ol' grammy.
We, are still working on some projects around the house. Maybe, now that the gardens are just about finished for the season and the weather cools off...we will finally accomplish what's left on our to-do list.
My computer is down and being worked on again. So, I am using Manda's lap top, for which I am thankful. But, to be honest I am not enjoying it very much...I prefer my PC...sigh. I am forever hitting wrong keys! Oh, and the mouse...I won't even get started on that subject...lol.
God is good...my days are filled with love, laughter and the strength and energy to care for my home and family. I am blessed!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
I'm the happy receiver of your good news.
You know how the saying goes, "shared sorrow is halved sorrow, shared joy is doubled joy."
Those beautiful fall colors on your picture (painting or embroidery?)
make me smile and nod with happy recognition.
It might as well be on our neighbor's farm, on a sunny day, that is.
We have had our first night of frost, and I have been rescuing my begonias. They are put to winter hibernation in my was cellar.
Summer is definitely over in my little corner of the world.

Pat said...

There is just something about this season that makes a person give a sigh of thanks, and want to be out in the beautiful weather. Doesn't the sky seem more blue in October then any other month?
Don't stay away too long...I miss your posts!

Sandy said...

Autumn is my favorite time of
year and as Pat suggested, the
sky is a deeper blue. My late
sister always said it was an
azure color of blue. I agree.
It sounds like you are really
in a good place and enjoying
your life in the Lord. I am
always glad to hear such news.
The picture today on your post
is beautiful.
I know what you mean about
laptops. I have my first one
but think I still prefer our

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh, do tell me about the picture with this post! Did you paint it? I gotta tell you, it drew (no pun intended) me right in!

Margie said...

I was missing you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the picture, it looks like Fall. You have good reason to be gone, life goes by to quickly not to take time to soak it in.

donna said...

I lost the sound on my pc, which made it impossible to do my work-from-home job. So my daughter is letting me borrow her laptop...It is near impossible for me to maneuver so I plugged in a keyboard and a mouse...two computers occupying my desk adds to the chaos in my life. Not complaining.....I'm just saying....

Love u sis

Terry said...

hi trish!
what a beautiful picture of a perfect indian summer.
we haven't had one yet in southern ontario...in fact there are many green trees yet..the leaves were not so colourful this year because of such a dry summer and the wind is pulling the green leaves right down and scattering them to the breeze!
this picture here almost looks like a spot somewhere in my beloved manitoba...nice!..love terry

Saija said...

hey there trish!

just visiting your blog ... looking at past posts, etc ... i like your ecletic style ... kinda like the way i blog ...

blessings on you as you wait for that pc to return ... i like my pc better than the laptop too ...

well off to stir my chili - it is a cold day here in manitoba - it may even snow tomorrow ...

blessings on ya!

Mrs. Mac said...

It's good to see you once again with my morning coffee. God's timing and plan for the different seasons is what gives refreshment as each one begins and ends. How boring and tiring would it be to only have summer. I'm looking forward to winter's rest. Blessings on your day.