Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tim Hortons...Grammy'sTimbit

This ol' grammy and Papa have a new sport to follow! Our Xavier aka Scooter has joined the wonderful world of Soccer! Now, you all know that I just love me some Tim Horton's Coffee...just feast your eyes on our Scooters shirt. Yep, Tim Hortons is their sponsor and you can be sure that I showed up at the game with my large coffee with butter caramel flavoring and 2 creams please?

Here is our Timbit! As soon as he got his shirt he had to come and show me. It cracked me up, especially since I always get them a pack of their favorite Timbits (doughnut holes) when we make a trip to the drive-thru. This shirt is

On the field playing his heart out. He actually made 2 goals...the look on his face made my heart sing.

Big sweet Lou.

After the game...tired, and sweaty. But, never fear Tim Hortons will take care of that...just go to one of their shops, raise your shirt and they will give them something nice and cold to drink. Our boy couldn't wait! He would rather drink than eat... so, it was right up his alley.
We loved watching these little ones and left with big smiles on our faces.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is awesome. The shirt is adorable and I love when you lift it up. Too cute!

Constance said...

Our grand-daughter (Jelly Bean) plays soccer as well and it is fun to watch! I LOVE his little tee-shirt and the free drink after wards is precious!!!

Felisol said...

The t-shirt with "Just played I'm thirsty", brought a big smile on my face.
How clever and child-friendly isn't that?
Happy, playing children are the greatest gift ever. Smiling Lou also seems to be enjoying the day. A family day.
Thank God for such treasures, they are pearls in life's memory book.

Pat said...

Just one more reason to love Tim's!
Scooter looks so cute, in that bottom picture he especially looks like his Daddy!
I think the only sport you guys aren't involved in is Polo!

Deb said...

Wow - Tim Hortons sure knows how to draw business, eh? What a great marketing idea! (If I liked coffee, I just might have to drive the 25 miles to the nearest Tim Hortons...but since I don't...guess I won't...)

And your grandbabies are too adorable!!

Margie said...

made my heart sing!

donna said...

Love it!!!

Amrita said...

The kids are all so cute. I am following your blog Trish