Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home Away From Home

We are home after a wonderful time of family fun in the sun. The weather was perfect, the view magnificent and the grandbabies were happy and busy.
Watching them is such a joy.

This is our home away from home. We didn't have to spend much time indoors since the temps were in the mid 70's and there was a nice breeze off Lake Huron. I have fallen in love with the Eastern Coast of our great state. I will post pics of the fiery glow of the sunsets later on.

Our bedroom. When the grandbabies needed a rest they would pile up in our bed and watch old videos. There is absolutely no television reception and we didn't miss it a bit. And we are surely not going to get a satellite for the camper like most, not gonna do it.

Now, here is the first place we head to when in town. The Village Chocolatier.
If you love chocolate this is the place for you! My Tomer and son-in-law David do not like chocolate...can you even imagine!? But, they enjoyed pretzel rods dipped in caramel and peanuts...yummy.

Strolling down the streets of East Tawas before making our way home yesterday.
Another, family vacation over...filled with food, fun and those you love. Life just doesn't get any better than this! Taste and see that the Lord is good...He is, all the time!


Pat said...

I was thankful the weather cooled off while you were on must have been perfect!
This state of ours has a lot of beauty to offer doesn't it?
More memories of lovely times...God is good!

Just Breathe said...

It sounds perfect. So happy for you.

Mrs. Mac said...

Now this looks like a great spot for a Scarf Sisters Reunion! A camper? Do you mean a trailer? That's one big camper ... very nice! Love the decorating touches!

donna said...

Sounds wonderful Trish...glad you had a relaxing time...camper is lovely too!!!

Constance said...

when I was a kid, Mom and Pop had a UTOPIA camper, LOVED it! I slept on the top bunk over the sofa! Since Dave and I are tent campers I don't see a camper in the near future unless I get so decrepid I can convince him I can't sleep on an air mattress anymore! I love how a camper makes things easier for when you're camping out! A place for stuff and not having it buried in the bottom of the rubbermaid container that is in the very bottom rubbermaid container of the stack! Ha Ha! We have our conversion van and now that it's just the 2 of us going on vacations, I could "convert" that to a camper pretty easily. However, the VUE gets better gas mileage and dave would rather sleep in a tent than on the bench seat that folds down into a bed. Go figure!

Felisol said...

Your camper looks so neat and cosy, a really home away from home.
Sounds like a good idea, when one want to get around from place to place and avoid all the work of packing out all the time. Not to speak of the children, they don't have to adapt to new environments when going to sleep. The familiar beds are always hthere.
Happy you had such a good time.

Debra said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. My husband and i have been in talks lately about campers, yours looks so nice I will have to show the pictures to him!