Friday, June 25, 2010

Ramblin' Grammy

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We have been busy around the ol' Andrews Homeplace. The basement has been scrubbed and is now minus lots of junk...where does it all come from? I got my new washer and dryer in and have actually enjoyed laundrocizing! But, I know at some point the newness will wear off and it will be my least favorite chore once again..sigh.
We, had a heartbreaking time at the ballfield last night...sigh. Ian's team was tied for 1st place and lost by one run! I know that 2nd place is good, but to see the disappointment on by first grandboys face, made this ol' grammy want to cry.
Today is going to be a day of leisure...gonna wash this grey right outta my hair. Give myself a mani/pedi, finish reading my book and maybe even watch an old movie. Don't worry, I read my Bible outside at the Bisto Table this morning. It was too cool on the back porch swing, so Tomer moved the table and chairs into the sunshine.
Ah, it felt mahvelous!
Seems, all I do is ramble anymore...but my life is full! My grandbabies are happy active children and we are so blessed by everything they do. God, has given us the privilege of having a family. When Dr.'s said it was impossible and that we should consider adopting...God had a plan for us. He knew even before I was born that I would be a Mama and Grammy. Taste and see that the Lord is good...He is...all the time!


Just Breathe said...

This is a beautiful post and your day sounds perfect. Sorry about the game :( Life lessons do not come easy. God is good.

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
You are so wonderfully right.
God's ways are higher than our ways, and now we only see in a glass darkly.
When God gave us Serina, I had in fact given up waiting, and bought a house with my brother. Then Gunnar came along,..and not long after our beloved daughter.
I was 38 when she was born and my life changed.
God's plans are mightier than I will ever understand.

I bet He had a plan with the second place of Ian's team as well.
There are so many lessons to be learned..
My brother was a champion chess player when he was young. Once he said to my mother, "Don't pray for me, mother, I have to win this on my own."
This was of course wrong, but he was just a kid, and felt that praying would give him an unfair advantage.
The grown ups he used to play against did not believe in praying.
He has always be tormented with migraine, and he has always let us pray for him to get rid of his thorn in the flesh.
So far God has not approved.
We'll never know why. Nevertheless, m brother is a fine Christian and has never let his illness come between him and Gid.

Wow, am I far away?
Your writing made me think, and I'm sending my thoughts in return.
Hope you have many more of those sunshine days, when your life is full.
Have a blessed weekend.

Diane said...

Awwww, I'm so sorry about Ian's team. I know that broken-hearted feeling when you love them and they get wounded. Mine aren't my grandbabies, but I do love them!

Your dads sound like a truly beautiful life. What a joy to live such a life of busy lovliness and enjoy the blessings of your family! Indeed, God is good!

Love you!!!!

Diane said...

Well, obviously, I meant to say 'your days', not your dads! It's early here and I'm beginning to miss that sleep I left behind! :\

Samantha said...

So sorry about the game Trish:(
Sounds as if you have a wonderful day planned, I plan to do the same
get some rest and watch a good movie.
Blessings to you my sweet friend,
have a great weekend !!

Pat said...

We hate it when our children or grandchildren face disappointment don't we? will they learn and mature otherwise? It's just a good thing it isn't up to us, or they'd never be let down!
We'd wrap them in cotton batting and protect them from the world! LOL!
Did you make your own laundry soap yet? If so, how do you like it?

Louise said...

Ramble away my friend. I enjoy reading what you write. I actually enjoy doing laundry ... weird as that may sound to some, I do.
I love you very much, going to rest now.