Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Blog...Temporarily Interrupted

Our Miss Em's team the Angels ended the season undefeated! Here, our little gals are receiving their pins, after winning the first round of the All Star games yesterday.

Ian pitching in yesterdays heat...The A's are tied for first. This Wednesday night they will play the tie breaker...Go A's!

Maddy, spent the night with this ol' Grammy last night. She, Ian and I shared lots of time under Umbrella's at Em's game today. There was absolutely no shade and Mr. Sun was intense. Maddy's, team the Tigers took 1st place and she is on to the All Star games next week!

Beware...this face may not be as innocent as it seems. LOL! That's our Xavier, hamming it up for the camera and enjoying his Sissy's game. Well, he spends most of the game with his friends...running, playing and drinking lots of beverage

The Angels winning streak ended today, that means the season is over for our gals.
Great job made us proud.


Pat said...

Bring on basketball least its indoors out of the heat!
Nope, that face of Scooters doesn't fool me one little bit..I'm wise to that sweet guy! LOL!

Felisol said...

One's gotta love that team.The Angels.
How can they avoid winning?
They all look so above all, happy.
That's what we want sport to be all about.
I share your joy, and envy the heat.
From Felisol

Diane said...

I so admire you girls for being so supportive of your grandchildren in all their endeavors; esepcially those that require long indulgences of the heat! You are such a good Grammy!!!! I do seem to remember long hours of youth baseball games when my nephews were playing, but I was much younger then! :)

Sara said...

yay everybody!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Yippeee!!!! Your blog is fixed!!! For days I've been trying to come here to read your posts, but it was "broken." There was a you tube up in the right hand side and the book background extended behind all, so I couldn't read your words.

But today - - - - HALLELUJAH!!! All is well again!

Just Breathe said...

Your one proud grandmother. You are so blessed.

Margie said...

so cute!