Monday, May 24, 2010

I Stand Amazed

Here in good ol' Michigan the weather couldn't be more siree, it couldn't. The rains, are supposedly gone for a while and Mr. Sun has been just a shining!
Today, we spent lots of time outdoors. Xavier, stayed busy riding his bike and scooter. While Elek, spent a good hour in the sand box! Ooh,that boy was filthy but happy. And that gave this ol' grammy time to enjoy a glass of iced cold lemonade, just a swinging on the back porch.
After, supper my Tomer and I made our way to the ball park. Lou Lou, as she is called by her team mates because there is another Emilee...had a game. Woo Hoo...those little gals won and are still undefeated.
Afterwards, with a little daylight left to spare. Tomer did some more planting...4 flats of impations and 3 flats of begonias are in the ground, so far. Tomorrow, our window box on the garage and the container on the gate, plus several big pots will be finished up. I went out to enjoy Tomer's company and hose down the back porch of the whole wheat Pringles crumbs that Xavier had left a trail of...but alas, my time with Tomer came to an abrupt end. Those pesky mosquitoes drove him inside muttering, "I've got to get out of here!" They..."mosquitoes that is"...LOVE Tomer. Me, they don't bother. Shoot, I never even heard the buzz of one skeeter!!! So, I finished my tasks, rolled up the hose and called it a day.
My life, is filled with joy and wonder...the joy of watching my grandbabies grow and share in their every accomplishment. And the wonder, of God's handiwork. The earth in all it's glory. The sights, the sounds and smells of summer. Have you, ever had the pleasure of smelling a russian olive tree in bloom? The finest perfume doesn't come close. I stand amazed. He, paints the most beautiful pictures in my mind, nothing compares to Him.
Oh, He is God...He is the God...He is my God...He is amazing!


donna said...

I agree with you GOD IS SO GOOD...a beautiful post Trish...

I haven't planted much yet this year....have been behind in every aspect of my gardens, but am putting what effort I have into it..and I am trying to get back into blogging...

thanks for being one of my faithful friends and followers.

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
God is good, indeed, he is.
The old saying about "Counting ones blessings" still is valid.
I talked with my mother yesterday, ( we talk every day). Somehow the blessings of God came up.We both felt the same; that it's mostly when looking back, we truly see the greatness of the Lord. How he's been there, all the time through everything that's happened.
I tried to sing "How great though art" to Gunnar, but failed hopelessly. HE knows anyhow.
And these blessed days you describe, are real wonders, letting us know, vaguely, what we have coming.

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I just love to hose :) Nice to see you today.

Pat said...

Beautiful blessings..every one. It would be so sad not to see those every day blessings wouldn't it?
I just came in from checking the progress of the flowers and garden....since yesterday! I'm amazed and in awe every morning.
Love you Sissy!