Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Ian

Today, my first Grandboy Ian is 10 years old. With him I learned about little boys...they are busy, fearless and tiring. But, God made them so for a reason and today, I am thankful for this boy who fills our lives with adventure.

His Supper request was Venison Roast, Rice Pilaf, Macaroni and Cheese,Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Frosting and Neopolitan Ice Cream. This ol' Grammy made the Roasts and Pilaf, his Mama makes awesome Mac and Cheese and his Aunt Manda made his cake from scratch and as you can see, it was a Skate Board with his favorite Skater's photo on it. Whew...We ate a boat load of Carbs!

Here is one happy birthday boy...his Mama and Daddy surprised him with a motorized Scooter! Oh, did he enjoy zooming up and down the block in front of his new house...the Turpin's are one happy family and that makes for one happy grammy! Thank you Lord for my Ian.

Love to All!


Constance said...

Aren't boys wonderful?! They're dangerous, energetic, noisy, dirty and if like mine, has me totally wrapped around his finger! Our Gabby turns 10 this month and we are going to her birthday party as well. I used to ask the kids what thy wanted for their Birthday dinner and most times it was home made pizza. The apples from yesterday souns yummy! I am going to make a carrot cheesecake this weekend for a get together-I can't wait!

Samantha said...

Love that cake, hope his day was great. I am sure it was with you as his grammy !!

Just Breathe said...

Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday Ian. Sounds like an awesome dinner and party.

Margie said...


Felisol said...

I only had a baby brother.
Once a pain in the a.., now a gift from God.
I an see Ian has been richly blessed with love and gift.
May God bless him in his years to come as well.