Monday, February 8, 2010

The Party's Over

Xavier William at pre-school

Here it is Monday morning. Another week is past and I haven't had a thing of importance to say.
Today is our Grandboy Xavier's 4th birthday! We had a birthday/super bowl party yesterday after Church at their house. They have a new 50" T.V. that we had to try out...thank God for income tax refunds! Papa ordered chicken wings and nuggets from Chicken Man...Ooh, our favorite place for chicken. Served on the side...rice pilaf, Kell's homemade mac&cheese, potato wedges and salad, with house dressing ordered from Roma's, a local pizzeria. Mandy made the cake...Batman, of course and her new recipe for butter cream frosting, was the best I've ever tasted!
Now, here, is where I must eat some crow. Which, by the way was not on our menu...but eat it, I must! Ahem...after years of hating football and never watching and having the nerve to criticize, those who do. (I just didn't get it?) I watched, the playoff games and the Super Bowl! I know, I know. But, Peyton Manning is my favorite. He, went to the University of Tennessee don'tcha know and because of that, I found myself cheering on, the Colts. But, alas and forlorn to no avail...they lost to New Orleans. A big Congratulations, to all of you Saints fans, they played a great game that caused this ol" Grammy lots of high anxiety moments...good grief! So, to all of you football fans out there...I am sorry, and next season, I will join you in watching our favorite teams...Where I will, of course, be rooting for Peyton and shouting..."Are you ready for some Football?"
Go Peyton!

Love to All!


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh, I literally felt ILL when we lost last night. ILL.

Hubby is a stone-maker. He suffers with them over and over - - - he's had every form of removing them you can imagine. That particular time they cut into his kidney from his back and cut out the stones. His were too large, in the wrong portion of his kidney, and made of the wrong things for lithotripsy to work. (that time)

Rebecca said...

I can't believe caved in!!! I will remain a stoic football hater!!!!

However.....I would go to a end of season party for the snacks....just I would then take them to another room and have a party of my own!!

Now, Rugby on the other hand......!!

Pat said...

I still am not a fan of football, but I do love the superbowl food!
Happy belated birthday to Scooter, always entertaining and cute as a bug!

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a fun party. I watched the game. I don't like football but I do watch sometimes. I never miss a Super Bowl.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm not a big football fan either ... but do enjoy a good party! I'm usually sitting in a comfy chair knitting .. or surfing the web .. or having to ask halfway through the game 'who's playing?'

Your little grandson must have had a grand celebration with all of the food .. and good butter cream frosting on his cake from Mandy. Yum, Yum.

Diane said...

Well, Happy Birthday Xavier!!! Wow, it sounds like that was one great Birthday Party! What a great thing to have your birthday come right there along with the Superbowl!!!

I must confess, I don't usually care for football either, except for TN football, of course!! However, when Peyton Manning went Pro, I had no choice but begin to watch, did I?! LOL!!! I understand very little about the game, but I love watching Peyton because I so highly respect him.

Although I'm sad the Colts lost, I congratulate the Saints and all their fans. They played an awesome game! They deserved the win!

Oh, btw, Hi Trish! Hope you didn't faint when you saw my comment!!

Luv ya!


Trish said...

Diane...I am so happy to see your comment!!! Did my heart good this morning!
I don't understand the game either I ask lots of questions. I agree I am happy for Drew Brees...he is a good role model.

donna said...

I have been a football fan since I was a teenager....watching with my dad and three first real hero I think was Craig Morton of the Dallas Cowboys; he then he played for the Denver Broncos right before Elway showed up on the scene. Elway is my was exciting living in Colorado when he ruled the Broncos....but there are so many great players....too many to mention here

I personally love watching football; but one needs to become more knowledgeable of the rules, play calling and stategies....the game on Sunday was super...but the week before with Brett Favre was much more thrilling and exciting....

and now I need to go do a post of my own...but before I do I must not forget to wish little Xavier a happy birthday again....Happy Birthday little one...


Constance said...

I didn't watch this year even since I was at our oldest daughter's house back in St Louis, although my SIL was watching. The Cowboys embarassed themeselves pretty badly their last play off game and so I wasn't too interested in it this year, I did however love DREES and his son after the Saints had won, pecious moment!

nancygrayce said...

I'm just not a football fan, although i will watch the gators sometimes with my husband because I love to see him so animated! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! I have had anxiety attacks since I was a child too young to even know what anxiety was! I have been on meds for several years now and I am so much better! I just thank God for giving researchers the wisdom to make the stuff and doctors the wisdom to know who needs it!

Nice to get to know you!