Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Eeney Meeney Miney Moe

Last night we met some Dear friends for coffee and dessert. They recommended Shatila Bakery a Mid Eastern pastry delight. Follow us in and feast your eyes!
Be sure to click on photo's to enlarge.

Isn't it beautiful? Such a lovely and quiet place to gather for a nice visit.

How do you choose??? I was overwhelmed as I tried to take it all in and decide what on earth I would like.

Yes, even more. There was 6 of us and not 1 of us chose the same thing! I finally just said "I'll have that" while pointing, because I could not pronounce the Arabic name of it...didn't even try!

As we were leaving, I saw that they offer a variety of homemade ice creams too. Next time I will try one along with my pastry. Yep, pastry ala mode...but I don't think that's what they would call it!

Love to All!


Felisol said...

This is a place after my heart. I could sit here for hours with my girl friends or my daughter, enjoy the pastries and solve the problems of the world. Funny how simple the outside world seems from a cosy restaurant with heavenly milk and honey.
PS. I eat my chocolate cake with ice and a fresh berry mix. Recommendable.
When I'm into slimming, that do happen, we buy different pastries and cut them in halves. This way we get the ultimate taste experience for less calories.
From Felisol

Just Breathe said...

I think I would love it there.
Haven't seen anything like that around California.

Pat said...

When we going?
As you know, this is Amy's favorite bakery. I almost went there by myself the other day, but I thought that was a bit to "dessert obsessed"!
No pictures of you guys enjoying the goodies?

Trish said...

Pat...I'm ready when you are! I understand why it is Amy's favorite!!! And there's no pictures of us because I didn't take my camera...I copied these from their web site.

Louise said...

This looks so good and so tempting. I'm staying away from sugar (it suppresses the immune system) so I'd best stay away from this place.

Deb said...

This post has done nothing to help my craving for sweets to disappear.

Samantha said...

What a beautiful inviting place to enjoy delicious pastries !

~ Hugs and love to you dear Trish.

Life is good! said...

um yes i would like one of those and one of those in the corner and maybe two of those to the left! i hate decisions this big. just send me one of each! thanks

Margie said...

It was a best kept secret of East Dearborn, but not any longer... YUMMY!! I could eat my way through East Dearborn... maybe that's why I'm on Weight Watcher's now...

Mrs. Mac said...

I say we camp in the parking lot and have the sister's reunion inside ladies! Just not fair having such a delish place to dine on sweets.