Friday, October 2, 2009

Different Times

I have decided I was born in the wrong era. This photo caught my eye while browsing old Saturday Evening Post Covers. I would have loved dressing up as these women are, to meet for lunch or just do a little shopping. The days of white gloves and pearls would suit this ol' gal. I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. But, when I used to show up somewhere in a skirt...I would get a look and questioned as to why I was so dressed up!?
So, to blend in, I am stuck, in these days of jeans, tee shirts and tennis shoes! Which, is where I draw the line...I do not wear tennis shoes! Yes, I own one pair of Reeboks, which I had to wear when suffering from a painful case of Fasciitis and the Foot Dr. insisted, I had to have a walking shoe...Ugh. I have thankfully learned a great exercise, that prevents me from having that foot pain and condition anymore.
Thank the Lord!
Both of my Gramma's were always in I child growing up,I never saw them in pants. And that was the norm in my Southern upbringing. Times have certainly changed. Oh, some for better, even I, must admit. But, I still yearn for the day that ladies looked like, I will admire these old covers and yearn for a time gone by.

Love to all!


Just Breathe said...

So what do you wear on your feet?
At my age now I wouldn't want to dress that way but maybe when I was younger/thinner! I wear Birkenstocks all the time.

Pat said...

If I looked like those ladies, I'd probably dress like that too! Those days are long gone for me, I'm more into the whatever feels good stage of life!
I don't like tennis shoes either, and only wear them when I absolutely have to, which is pretty much never.
I understand what you mean by ladies looking like ladies. It sure beat seeing someone go to the grocery store in their pajamas like today!

Sara said...

love rockwell! is his exhibit still at the DIA? i keep meaning to go!

Samantha said...

I feel the same way Trish, I would have loved to live during this time
and dress like these lovely ladies!

Felisol said...

In Italy and France women wear high heels and pencil skirts even today.
They are so chick.
I wear gloves(black leather) and a string of white or black pearls now and then. When I try on high heals my back is haunting to kill me the rest of the day.

My daughter is home for the week-end. She has inherited three pairs of crouched white gloves from my mother. hardly ever wears them though.
We have been searching through the attic and found a snake-leather handbag. I so well remember my mother from the early fifties, carrying the bag in her armpit, with a nice little hat on her wave permanented head and a tailor made, light blue habit.
Even though she was a busy housemother, she wouldn't dream of going shopping without changing clothes.
And we, my brother and I had play clothes, school clothes, Sunday clothes and best-clothes.

When I'm thinking back, there must have been a 24/7 job just to keep the wardrobe neat and properly ironed back then. At least we did not have a maid to do all the heavy work. I remember my mother stiffening the white collars of my father's shirts. No nylon either.
And my dad used to carry home a copy of Saturday Evening Post as a treasure to himself when he had worked overtime.
I still can smell the foreign odeur of the thick glossy, colored paper.
Because luxury was rare, it also was more valued.
I like to wear dresses in our short summer though...
From Felisol

Constance said...

I determined that the 1900-1915ish women were dressed very femininely. I have pictures of my Great Grandma Lizzie (1889-1985) and she was beautiful, even in her work clothes! I love that Victorian look. Now you go to the store and people are wearing house shoes and skanky clothes! UGH! Granny would be so displeased!

Life is good! said...

i too feel like i was born a few decades to late. i love the simple times! but i do love modern technology, there should be a happy medium.