Monday, October 12, 2009

A Monday's Ponderings

This day started out busy with the Grandboys, straightening up, doing laundry and pondering on what to cook for Supper. Still haven't decided what we will be eating. But one thing for sure...we won't go hungry.
My mind is wandering, going back in time...we got a sad call this morning from Tomer's cousin Don. His Mom...Aunt Elizabeth is dying. Sad, because she is the last of Tomer's, Dads siblings. No more Aunt and Uncles on the Andrews side. Her daughter Evelyn and I were best friends, they faithfully picked me up for Church. And that is where I met my Tomer. I pray for Aunt Elizabeth this morning and thank God for her...she was always good to me. One thing we know, is that she is ready to meet the Lord and to be reunited with her loved ones. Please remember this family in your prayers?
We are also making plans for a trip to Chicago for my cousin Glenn's Wedding. Tomer and I will be leaving on the 24th. Driving to Midway Airport (south of Chicago) picking up my Mama and finishing the last leg of the trip with her. Glenn actually lives North of Chicago. So, we will drive through the city and see a few of the sights before we make our way North, Saturday evening. His Wedding, is Sunday afternoon. Oh, it will be so good to see him since we haven't been together since my Daddy's Funeral, 5 years ago. And I can't wait to meet his Bride...Tammy.
On Monday, we will take Mama back to the Airport, get her boarded and then make our way back home. It will be a fast trip. But, we want to be there for Glenn...he is an only child and both of his parents are gone. He needs family on this special day and we feel the need to be there for him.
Well, Xavier is napping. So, I should hush and go change up loads of laundry. Around here, Monday's are always catch up days because Sunday's, the Lord's Day and nothing gets done.
I've got to pick the 3 oldest Grandbabies up after School...Elek was just at the Dr. and has an ear and throat infection. So, the Dr. wants him staying in and resting...looks like I'll be Gram's taxi service for a couple of days...but I look forward to seeing their smiling faces as they rush happily to the car!
Pray blessings on your day...

Love to all!


Just Breathe said...

So sorry about Aunt Elizabeth.

Have a great time at the wedding.
Midway airport, brings me back in time! Have a safe trip. God Bless.

Pat said...

When my Mother was so sick, I thought about Elizabeth. They would often talk to each other on the phone. That generation is quickly leaving us...and we are becoming "that" generation.
Your trip to Chicago sounds so nice, I'm sure your cousin will be so happy to see you, its so important to remember and support our families, and what a wonderful reunion this will be!

donna said...

I am happy to know you...and the many ways you care for others...ty


Louise said...

Such a blessing you are to so many my friend. May your trip to the wedding be filled with wondrous time with family.

Constance said...

I am behind what with Laura having stayed with us until Sunday. She is getting stronger and will probably return to work tomorrow.

Our Pastor emphasizes that we need "Level 10" relationships in our lives (re: 10-7 post). WE need to sharpen one another, hold one another accountable and confide in one another. After church Dave and I were talking and he asked me about my Level 10 relationships and I am blessed to have 4 women in my life.

My Sister in Law Peggy, while we are very close, I am more like a mentor since she's a baby Christian. The other 3 women ALL have one of their children getting married this month!!! What are the odds? Starting this Sunday the 18th is Lynette's daughter, my best friend Brenda's son David on the 24th and Lois' daughter is getting married on the 31st! Needless to say, it's been MY turn to be supportive of THEM!


Samantha said...

Praying dear Trish.
Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip.
Thank God for family.
~ Hugs and love to you dear friend !

Margie said...

so blessed by this post.

Felisol said...

I too am praying for Tomer's aunt Elisabeth. May her exit be smooth with Jesus holding her hand the last mile.
I also pray for your safety while making this journey and a blessed union and reunion for all.
From Felisol