Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A look at MEME

The Eight Question MEME
Got this one from Pat over at Living On Grace....
Six names you go by:
1. Trish
2. Mama
3. Grammy
4. Sis
5. Patricia
6. Pat

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Black w/ blue polka dot Tshirt
2. Black jogging pants
3. White socks...I look lovely.

Three things you want very badly at the moment:
1. Mandy to get well
2. Salvation for some family members
3. Obama out of office

Three things you did last night/yesterday:
1. Watched Elek
2. Ate a yummy Pumpkin Spice muffin with my Tim Horton's Coffee.
3. Had a great visit with Peg and Aileen.

Two things you ate today:
1. Yogurt
2. Pizza

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Mandy
2. Tom

Two things you are going to do today/tomorrow:
1. Laundry
2. Celebrate Em's birthday...Making her Fried Cabbage & Noodles and Key Lime Pie.

Your three favorite beverages:
1. Coffee
2. Iced Tea
3. Simply Lemonade

Here's what you're supposed to do. Copy and paste the questions into your blog. Then delete my answers and type in your answers.
You don't have to if you don't want to, but when you can't think of anything else to blog...this works!


Louise said...

Thanks for letting me know about Mandy ... I will be praying for her quick recovery. I am so hesitant about taking the vaccine ... I may not be able to if I can't even get the regular one! Just stay in as much as we can and pray for God to watch over us.

I love you Trish, very much.

Samantha said...

Enjoyed reading your lovely list, praying for a speedy recovery for Mandy.
I also love my coffee and sweet tea !
~ Hugs and love to you Trish !!

Mrs. Mac said...

I noticed you mentioned Tim Horton's coffee .. do you have a Tim Horton's in your area? I just visited one last week ...

Very revealing info you put out here Trish :)


Felisol said...

Sorry to learn about Mandy being ill.
Will pray for her recovery.
Pray we hall may have what we need (Constance's prayer) and that the Lord's will must be done.
From Felisol

Constance said...

Pumpkin Spice Muffins! Oh YUM! I was at Costco recently and decided to buy a 3 pack of "bread loaves". One was banana walnut, one was gooey butter pound cake and the other was pumpkin struesel. We promptly ate the pumpkin one and the others are in the freezer! Pure delishiousness!

Trish said...

Mrs. Mac, in our city alone we have 4 Tim Horton' their coffee!

Pat said...

Praying for Manda Pie...I'm sure your chicken soup will help. I remember you making it for me many, many years ago!
I like your meme answers, seems we all wear similar daytime outfits! LOL!!

Trish said...

Pat...I didn't make the soup I stopped at Tim Horton's for it and a hot coffee for her. Body aches and her throat have been the worst part...could hardly swallow or function. The Dr. she works most with, called in an antibiotic yesterday, just in case.
I think at our's all about comfort wear! ;0)

Just Breathe said...

That was fun. Nice getting to know more about you.

donna said...

still praying for Mandy...I copied you and Pat...gave me something to blog about instead of my usual is talking to me about that.. if I'd just listen!

love ya

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Hmmm...I am not familiar with Tim Horton coffee...but the pumpkin spice muffin sounds great!

Stay Cozy, Carrie