Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A fresh batch of Venison Salami...straight from the oven. Gotta empty the freezer because a new season's just around the corner. I know some are saying "Eeauh" but it is delicious!

Taste testing homemade Salsa made from tomatoes picked from our we need to make a trip to Mexicantown for their fresh chips cause these store bought ones just don't measure up!

I have nothing new or exciting to report...doing Laundry, but that is certainly not, no, never will it be. Now, a clean kitchen floor that's a different story. My Fall cleaning is about done. Yippee! Then it will be time to decorate for Fall...did you finish yours today Connie?
Tomer replaced some plantings with colorful Mums today...I think 8 pots in all. And next week as the Impatiens start to fade...Mums too will take their place in the window boxes in our back yard.
Kell and I spent some time today trying to decide on our menu for Tomer's 60th birthday celebration...Yoy...we are getting old! The 3 oldest grandbabies had Open House at school and met their teachers tonight. Now, Maddy is back and gracing us with her presence! She hasn't spent the night in forever cause she now has a full social calender don't ya know? lol... Well, I am signing off...gonna go spend some time with my oldest Grandbaby. We are going to watch Cinderella III. This ol' Grammy is blessed...Taste and see that the Lord is good...He is...all the time!

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

Girl, you are so productive!
I'm cleaning house for company.

Constance said...

The salami looks wonderful! I love deer sausage! I started getting out the fall decor and got side-tracked. We have pine needles all over the yard as well as pine cones that need to be raked up(we have NUTZ the squirrel who is leaving them in the most unusual places!). I need to have Charlie cut grass today since he's off school on Thursdays and I need to get out and weed whack. This moved up my list to the #1 spot, over decorating. Today I have a big house to clean that takes up most of my day so I may do it tomorrow now on my day off.

Pat said...

I'll pass on the venison...I could never get myself to like it. I will take some salsa though! I made some last year, but this year we're eating our tomatoes to fast to make salsa! Love fresh I want some!

Samantha said...

God is so Good, isnt he ?
What a blessing to be turning 60 !
The venison and salsa looks great and sounds great to me, we love both !
~ Hugs and love to you my dear friend.