Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's That Time Again

Tree Condo built by Tomer and Son-in-law David. Nestled in the woods of's really their Deer Blind

I have the day all to myself and I can do whatever, whenever! So far, all this ol' grammy has done is savor my first cup of coffee and watch Fox News...without Tomer moaning about it.
He and our oldest Grandbaby, Madison left for the woods of Bronson last night. This weekend is the early, Youth Bow Hunt. Maddy and Papa, have been diligently practicing and were more than ready to hook up the trailer and head out last night.
They just called and were leaving the Tree Condo to meet cousin Leo for breakfast at their favorite M&M Grill. Where, they have the best chocolate chip pancakes you've ever eaten! Since, I was never a Hunter, Tomer is thrilled to have a Daughter and Grandbabies that share his passion.

View from the Tree Condo.

Bronson is special because it is where Tomer's parents lived for over 30 years...after his Dad retired. And his beloved Uncle Willy, took him as a kid on weekends, to plant fruit trees and share his love of the land. It is 120 miles Southwest of here...beautiful Farm Country still.
Well, enough of my rambling...I think I'll go watch a movie and after that I just might do some cleaning. There's no hurry...I have the whole day and I'm going to enjoy it!

Love to All!


Samantha said...

My guys are all hunters too !
They would love this condo, looks like some of their hunting places.

Enjoy your time and I am sure they will enjoy their weekend !

Just Breathe said...

Awesome treehouse. Enjoy you day!

Pat said...

All it needs is camo curtains!
I do believe that if Hal went, he would want to live there!