Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Militant Islam In America

I received this email from my sister and felt I had to pass it along...trish

On June 25th we emailed you the story of how a Christian organization was denied free speech rights to pass out leaflets at an Arab festival held on PUBLIC streets in Dearborn, Michigan.

At that same festival, a handful of people (not affiliated with the above organization) went t o a booth with a sign that said “Got questions? Get answers.” They went to the booth to ask about a pamphlet titled “Islam’s war on terror.” They had two video recorders. They intended to ask questions and record what they saw and heard at this open-to-the-public event conducted on public streets.

What you will see on this video is a glimpse of what is in store for America from the forces of militant, radical Islam.

Please take the time to watch this video. Please forward this email to everyone you know. Please contact bloggers and internet sites and ask them to link to this video. If you have dial-up internet, find a friend who has high-speed internet and watch this video.
Note the repeated assaults. Note the disdain for free speech. Note the bullying and intimidation tactics. Note the hatred and anger. Note the outright lying. And note that it is primarily Muslim “security guards” who are doing these things.

Watch this video carefully.

And after you do, if you’re wondering what you can do to help prevent radical Islam and its supremacist ideology from imposing itself on America, as it is doing in this video, log on to

PRAY...and please pass this on!!!


Pat said...

It's time for America to get their heads out of the sand...look around you and listen to what is happening to our country!
Maranatha - O Lord come.

Mrs. Mac said...

This is infuriating to see stuff (crap) such as this happening in the streets of America.