Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Food Frenzy

Since Tomer has the Summer off, our Friday routine is to get going early and shop the Mart before it gets crazy. This morning we tried a cozy little restaurant that Tomer spotted recently. Now, in our years together, there have been some not so good experiences, when he has wanted to check out somewhere, besides my tried and true favorite spots. Yes, I am a bore...don't like change and am comfortable going to places that I know...Tomer is an adventurer...always ready to scout out new places
and try different things. I tend to curl my nose up, at most of his suggestions...sigh. BUT this morning's breakfast was YUMMY and for the mere sum of $2.99 we ate a hearty breakfast of 2 eggs, ham, hash browns and whole wheat toast!
Oh, and don't forget, my lovely morning coffee! But, it was extra and well worth the cost!
Now, feeling like forging on...we hit the Mart. Picked up our groceries and were out of there, in a jiffy. Got them home and nicely organized and it was on to our next errand...Block's Farm Market.
Tomer, had given me a recipe for Fish Chowder, ripped from the pages of one of his Sportsmans magazine's. So, off we went for garden fresh corn since the recipe called for it. Let me just say...get out of the way!!! When that tractor backed in that new load of corn...there was a corn grabbin' frenzy! Thankfully, I survived and proceeded to fill our cart with God's wonderful bounty!
I myself, after dropping off our bounty and Tomer, made a few more stops, before I called it a day and headed for home to make Tomer his Fish Chowder...which he thoroughly enjoyed! Me, I ate a peanut butter sandwich, cause fish don't pass these
lips!!! Yes, this the perfect Friday, included Food and quite a Frenzy...but Oh, it was a perfect Michigan summer day! Now, the coffee's ready and I'm going to enjoy myself a cup and put my heels up for the rest of the evening...God is sooo good!
The small red can seen pictured is the pride of Szeged, Hungarian Paprika...that no true Hungarian home is without.

Love to all!


Pat said...

OK, where did you have breakfast?
I didn't make it to Blocks today, wish I would have.
I don't think I'd like fish chowder either. Fish soup just doesn't appeal to me. I did have a Long John Silver fish taco today, not bad!
Of course you know I too have that red can of you said, no true Hungarian home would be caught without it!

Trish said...

Pat...we can't remember the name (sr. moment) of the restaurant but it is on Ecorse Rd., in a little strip mal...down from fire station #2. I think the donut shop that Hal frequented was in that same strip mall.

Margie said...

what a great wife you are!!!!

Samantha said...

The fish chowder looks delicious !!
Yes, God is so good, dont you just love fresh produce !
~ Hugs and blessings to you my sweet friend, have a great weekend.

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sure Hal appreciates that you 'outed' him about his donut hangout, Trish ;)

I would like to eat fish chowder especially with freshly picked corn in it.

I'm always scouting out new places to eat .. boring, is boring when eating at the same place too many times :)

Enjoy your weekend.

Pat said...

Gotcha, I know just where you went. They used to have the best doughnuts in town. We'll have to give a breakfast try!