Friday, May 22, 2009

Drama Queen

Last night, Kell, the boys and I battled our way through rush hour traffic, to Auburn Hills. It is normally about an hours drive, but it took us an hour and 40 minutes. Whew! Thankfully, we arrived safely, with 20 minutes to spare. And just as we were turning into the parking lot...Kell's phone rings and it is guess who? Yep, it's Mad asking "where are you?"

Madison and best pal Monik hanging out before their dramatic performance. It was Trillium Academy and several other Charter School's (that belong to the same group) Performing Arts night. Each School, had art work on display, and performances from their show choir, drama and orchestra's. What a bunch of talented kids...Awesome!

Madison and Monik , during their dramatic piece. Do you think that this ol' grammy was proud??? Maddy has always been a drama queen! When only about 3 years old... her favorite movie was "Singing in the Rain." And whenever asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would answer, without hesitation..."I am going to be on Broadway!"

Madison, with the ribbon that she received for her part, in last night's performance.
She can add it to the rest of her collection...softball, cheerleading, basketball, swimming and now...drama.

Get us home Kell...leaving the parking lot of the Apostolic Church, where the events of the evening were held. McDonald's here we come...Maddy needs ice cream and it sounded good to me!. What a wonderful evening!

Love to all!


byhisgracealone said...

what a joy to read this....God has blessed her with great talents...not to mention amazing beauty...will be waiting for her debut to glad a wonderful time was had by all...

blessings to you

Samantha said...

What a precious girl and a sweet post ! She is blessed to have her Grammy and you are blessed to have her. Congrats to her, talented
and adorable,I am sure she will be on broadway one day !
Hugs and blessings, have a great weekend.

Terry said...

maddy sure looks good and happy in the picture of her and the ribbon!
she is one all american girl, eh grammy?
gee though....all that talent and you guys take her to the macs?
do you call THAT class.
really now you should of taken her and her adoring audience to wendy's!!
glad for her trish and that she did such a great job.
hopefully her base ball coach saw this! terry

Margie said...

THAT IS GREAT!!!! Going North on a holiday weekend... even to AH... yikes!

Pat said...

She's our Marvelous Maddy! So is she going to be a President who appears on broadway? She could probably handle both and play ball in her spare time!
I'm excited for her future, she's got it all, and a precious Christian family who loves her!

Trish said... class...we just love McDonald's ice cream!

Terry said... are right about that trish. those butterscotch sundaes are soooooooo good....wendy's frosties are a no go!!!
actually the only time i go there is to get mom golden baked potatoes.
bernie and i stick to the macs for his burnt muffins...ha! terry

Diane said...

What a lovely young woman and so talented too!!! Oh, and please lady, don't refer to youself as and 'old grammy'! I believe you and I are right about the same age and honey, I ain't old, not yet anyway!!!! Seriously, what a precious evening for you all to share. God is so good!

Many hugs......