Friday, March 6, 2009

We're Having A Party

Tonight Tomer and I will be having a quiet peaceful evening...NOT! We will be busy hosting around 16 of our Madsy's closest friends! Yes, I am expecting that they will arrive with sleeping bags and pillows, giggles and lots of LOUD chatter!
Believe me, we are prepared on not getting much sleep! And I'm sure a bit of drama, since that's what girls are all about.
They will eat too much pizza, drink too much pop and party til the cows come home.
Oh Lord, This ol' Grammy and PaPa will probably be zombies before morning!!!
I will rise to make them a breakfast of bacon and homemade waffles and get them hopping, so that they will be ready to be picked up at 11a.m.
Where upon, I will then collapse with my coffee and rest...content in knowing that a good time was had by all. And Maddy's 12th birthday celebration was just what she wanted.
This old couple covets your prayers tonight!!!

p.s. Pat~ I did it myself...added the image!!! Aren't you proud of this ol' friend???

Love to All!


Pat said...

I'm so proud of you...good job on the picture posting, I knew you could do it! Now there's no stopping you!
Have fun with the sleep over, Tom said before he left today, he'd see us tomorrow, but didn't know how much sleep he'd get tonight! What great and loving grandparents you both are, I wish I'd had memories like those you guys a making for those sweet grands!

Terry said...

Sounds like real fun Miss Patty and Trish never even thought of inviting her scarf sisters.
Not nice!!!!!!!Ha!..........Love Terry

Margie said...

have fun!!! I'll be over for breakfast!!

Louise said...

Bless your courageous hearts! You go where few folk over 50 dare to tread ... having a houseful of 11 year old girls is quite an undertaking.