Wednesday, March 11, 2009

John Denver...Poet

While flipping through the guide on TV tonight I came across a 1995 John Denver Wildlife Benefit Concert on our local PBS station. Wow! This man could not only sing, but the words he wrote could touch my very soul. To me he was more than just your average songwriter...John was a Poet. And as I sat listening I was taken back in time. Man...did the melancholies set in. Such beauty in his words..."It's 5 o'clock this morning and the sun is on the rise. There's frosting on the windowpane and sorrow in your eyes. The stars are fading quietly, the night is nearly gone. And so you turn away from me and tears begin to come. And it's goodbye again."
Sadly, he passed away just 2 years after this performance..but his music is as poignant today as it was in the beginning.

Love to all!


Felisol said...

Hello, Trish,
I share your love for John Denver.
His Starry, starry night brings tears to my eyes every time I play it on my i-Pod.
He had this gift of understanding both art and pain.
From Felisol

Constance said...

I am SO glad to find another kindred spirit! He is still one of my favorites and the day he was killed, I remember telling Dave how sad it was that we would never hear more songs from him! Dave and I had "Follow Me" played at our wedding.

Our kids remember well how, when it was my turn to drive on vacation, I'd pop in a cassette tape of JD, (we had volumes #1 & 2 that Dave had recorded from albums) and those 90 minutes would fly by! They still give me hard time about liking his music. Just yesterday on Facebook I announced that I was going to scrapbook the day while listening to the rain and some GOOD music. Jessica asks,
"What constitutes good? John Denver?"

Our daughter Laura was actually born during a JD song. Dave had made a cassette tape for me to listen to while I was in labor and she was born during the song, "Country Love". She groans whenever I tell that story. I recently told her,

"Be glad that you were just born to a JD song and not CONCEIVED to one!"

THAT shut her up pretty quickly!

Some of my favs:
"Shipmates & Cheyenne"
"Singing Skies & Dancing Waters"
"Poems, Prayers & Promises"
"Cold Nights in Canada"
"Looking For Space"

Trish said...

Felisol &'s good to know that i have 2 friends who feel the same about Johns music. I got alot of guff from family members for listening to him... cause you know this is Motown country.
Give me John anytime!!!

Pat said...

What a voice that man had...pure and beautiful. I never get tired of hearing him.
Hal has a CD he often plays in his truck, and let me tell beats the daylight out of..........

Deb said...

Take me home country roads to the place I belong....

Loved John Denver. Always have. I think I'll go listen to his music!

byhisgracealone said...

OHhhh I could listen to him all day.....somedays I do was indeed a very sad day when he was killed....his music will live on forever....

Constance said...

Several years ago, A&E did a movie on him with Chad Lowe playing the role of John Denver and Gerald McRaney played his father. I thought it was really good but have never seen it since! They did it on the anniversary of his death and after the movie they followed with one of their one hour Biography shows where they interviewed his family and friends. Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Did anyone else see the same thing?

Mrs. Mac said...

You know gals, if you have netflix, you can order some of jd's appearances on tv. I got the Chad Lowe movie about jd a few months back and am checking on the episode of Jacques Cousteau about the Calipso. He's been playing on my cd player all week ... great voice and talent taken too soon. Last fall we saw a tribute to him/his music with some of the band members that was GREAT.

Rick said...

Big Denver fan here. I grew up in Colorado, and Rocky Mt. High takes me back every time. It was a very sad day when his plane crashed in the ocean.