Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Week That Was

Thank God this past week is over and a new one beginning. It has been rough... Tomer has been sooo sick. I guess that driving a School Bus full of cooties you're bound to come in contact with every flu bug out there...told him tonight he needs to get himself a flu vaccine. His reply...yeah, probably next year. Question to you Nurses out there...should he get one now or wait?
So, I found myself going it alone in our Sunday School Class again this morning. Believe me, Tomer has to be VERY sick to miss 2 weeks in a row! Nancy who teaches the next grade up, invited us to join her class for a movie...Veggie tales. We had a great time together and I always love Nancy's company.
We've had a weekend more icicles and snow drifts. It is surprising how fast it all disappeared. Now everything is muddy and dirty looking after the rain...Snow is sooo much prettier. But, even I must admit the warmth of the sun and the milder temps felt mighty good this morning.
Yesterday, we celebrated Xavier's 3rd birthday. Where does the time go? It was a busy day for us, with the exception of PaPa who spent his day hiding away in the bedroom or upchucking in the bathroom. (Poor guy)
A new week is beginning, which I am thankful for since this past week was just a little bit much. And personally, I need to let go of some of this past weeks not so good events...I so covet your prayers??? I haven't slept well for the past few days and need to let go of past heartaches...but this OCD personality of mine doesn't shut off easily. Which is not a good thing!
I do realize though that there's a lesson in everything and as always the Good Lord will get me through...Hallelujah!
Yes, this too shall pass and for that I am truly thankful.

Love to all!


Sara said...

Praying for you as we all learn together what being daily renewed realy is and we all need it! 3 years old? How can that be? Maddy was just born wasn't she? I'd skip the flu shot. Not gonna do a lot of good at this point and everyone at work got it and they were wiped out by the plague a few weeks ago, wrong strain in the vaccine. Just keep replacing those fluids! Love you!

Margie said...

No flu shot... ever. They are filled with mercury. Last time i checked... that's not good for you!

I hope everyone feels better! Praying the cooties stay away from you!!

You've got no time to be sick, you've got grandbabies to LOVE!!

Pat said...

My goodness..Tom is REALLY sick. He doesn't even have any extra body fat to keep him going like I do (tee hee)! We're praying for him!!
Isn't it wonderful to know that "this too shall pass", and that joy does come in the morning? In the meantime, you know I keep you in my prayers, that the pain of our yesterdays will not even be a memory that we can recall.
I love you sister.

Louise said...

Praying for you my dear sweet friend.

Mrs. Mac said...

I do pray that your hubby is feeling better soon Trish. Thanks for sending the blog link. I'll pass it on to Miss Terry. I always skip the flu shot ...

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
so sad to learn that you are out in rough weathers.
Your Homer should not get a flue shot while still ill.
When he recovers he probably will have developed antigenes against this very virus.

Gunnar, Serina and I all took the Flue shot before Christmas.
Turned out that Gunnar and Serina profited by it, cause they were around me when I got ill.
I guess if one is exhausted or stressed, one's immune defense doesn't work that well. I happy so happy that neither of mine got infected by my flue.
I also have a firm belief in sauna and garlic..
Garlic also made people keep a distance.
Am praying for you both just now.
From Felisol

byhisgracealone said...

I have been down with a miserable cold and cough for two weeks....temps of 60 yesterday were welcome although I share your sentiments about the snow....I had problems with my blog a year or so ago...don't know if yours were similar, but I shall pray...