Saturday, February 28, 2009

On The Prowl

The picture above says it all!!! Elek James my youngest Grandbaby is on the prowl! Yes, that boy is into everything! Each morning before he arrives I have to clear all tables of pictures, floral arrangements, candles, doilies and anything else within his reach. I have spent lots of time on my knees (not in prayer)cleaning up dumped cups of coffee, tea, water and all other beverages left for him to grab. Thank God for hardwood floors they certainly make clean ups easier!
As you can see in the picture our heat vents are in the floor. And that little man pulls them off and tries to climb in. Oh boy! He keeps me hopping! Of course all bedroom and bathroom doors must stay closed, because he loves nothing better than to get to the cordless phones and unroll miles of toilet paper...Ugh! All phones or remote controls can become air born missiles at any given time. Coming apart and batteries spilling out everywhere as they hit the floor!!!
Dressing and changing his diaper is "a total body workout!" Have you ever wrestled a monkey? I have! And his temper is starting to show itself. How? With screaming and stomping of his feet...does a little Elek jig that makes me laugh.
Everyday after he leaves I polish fingerprints from the tables, vacuum crumbs and put everything back in it's place...and I wonder why this ol' grammy is too pooped to participate? And the very next morning I get to do it all again. Funny thing is...I wouldn't have it any other way. He brings me such joy!

Love to all!


Pat said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this! What a handful he's starting to be...all boy!

Margie said...

good thing he's cute!

Louise said...

He's adorable! And what a blessed handful.

Deb said...

You know what, Olivia rarely got into things when she was a baby ---and she didn't put things in her mouth either. Many times I wondered if there wasn't something wrong with her because she didn't do those things! I could have stuff everywhere and she never bothered it. True story.

Elek the monkey is adorable!!

Terry said...

Dear Trish A few weeks ago I sent this poem to Mr. Grampa Jim.
Now it is about a grampa but I think you could see yourself and your little grandson. Elek James, Trish,

William Henry Drummond (1854-1907)

Little Bateese

You bad leetle boy, not moche you care
How busy you 're kipin' your poor gran'pere
Tryin' to stop you ev'ry day
Chasin' de hen aroun' de hay--
W'y don't you geev' dem a chance to lay?
Leetle Bateese!

Off on de fiel' you foller de plough
Den w'en you 're tire you scare the cow
Sickin' de dog till dey jomp the wall
So de milk ain't good for not'ing at all--
An' you 're only five an' a half dis fall,
Leetle Bateese!

Too sleepy for sayin' de prayer to-night?
Never min' I s'pose it 'll be all right
Say dem to-morrow--ah! dere he go!
Fas' asleep in a minute or so--
An' he 'll stay lak dat till de rooster crow,
Leetle Bateese!

Den wake us up right away toute suite
Lookin' for somet'ing more to eat,
Makin' me t'ink of dem long leg crane
Soon as dey swaller, dey start again,
I wonder your stomach don't get no pain,
Leetle Bateese!

But see heem now lyin' dere in bed,
Look at de arm onderneat' hees head;
If he grow lak dat till he 's twenty year
I bet he 'll be stronger dan Louis Cyr
An' beat all de voyageurs leevin' here,
Leetle Bateese!

Jus' feel de muscle along hees back,
Won't geev' heem moche bodder for carry pack
On de long portage, any size canoe,
Dere 's not many t'ing dat boy won't do
For he 's got double-joint on hees body too,
Leetle Bateese!

But leetle Bateese! please don't forget
We rader you 're stayin' de small boy yet,
So chase de chicken an' mak' dem scare
An' do w'at you lak wit' your ole gran'pere
For w'en you 're beeg feller he won't be dere--
Leetle Bateese!

Trish this poem has always brought the tears to my eyes even when I was a kid....Love Terry

Trish said...

Oh, Miss Tery how precious!
I will copy it and have Kell put it in Elek's scrapbook!