Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Time

Well it's that time of time. Tomer met with our CPA yesterday and the good news is that when all is said and done...we broke even. It's kind of a balancing act. Owe federal, getting back from state, minus CPA's fees = 0. Thank You Jesus!
As Pastor Pat says "be thankful for taxes because that means you were employed." I love his are a few other things he says that we should be thankful for.

Be thankful for tight fitting clothes because it means that we are well fed. Whoa, new way of thinking...Hmmm.
Be thankful when the alarm goes off in the morning because it means we're alive! Yes, I am breathing!
Be thankful for huge utility bills because it means that we are warm. Amen to that!

Much of our life is a we live, how we believe.
Do we check our spirits when they become prideful or critical? What about carelessness? These are not the choices God wants us to make. We should be seen as humble, Kind and I know that in myself these are things that I can't change. They are the works of the Holy Spirit and I have to be ever mindful of Him. My ear has to hear, my heart has to feel. The work on ME is ongoing, for I am far from perfect. I am a work in progress, ever a tree, my branches reaching out yet needing pruning from time to time. And like that tree I must wait on the Master Gardener for pruning...he knows what limbs to rid me of and what limbs to growth depends on Him...I just have to stand and wait...Yes, it's all in His Hands.

Love to All!


Pat said...

We managed to get a little bit of a refund. I count it all joy as long as I don't have to pay any more!
In all things we are to give thanks...beautiful post today.