Saturday, February 28, 2009

On The Prowl

The picture above says it all!!! Elek James my youngest Grandbaby is on the prowl! Yes, that boy is into everything! Each morning before he arrives I have to clear all tables of pictures, floral arrangements, candles, doilies and anything else within his reach. I have spent lots of time on my knees (not in prayer)cleaning up dumped cups of coffee, tea, water and all other beverages left for him to grab. Thank God for hardwood floors they certainly make clean ups easier!
As you can see in the picture our heat vents are in the floor. And that little man pulls them off and tries to climb in. Oh boy! He keeps me hopping! Of course all bedroom and bathroom doors must stay closed, because he loves nothing better than to get to the cordless phones and unroll miles of toilet paper...Ugh! All phones or remote controls can become air born missiles at any given time. Coming apart and batteries spilling out everywhere as they hit the floor!!!
Dressing and changing his diaper is "a total body workout!" Have you ever wrestled a monkey? I have! And his temper is starting to show itself. How? With screaming and stomping of his feet...does a little Elek jig that makes me laugh.
Everyday after he leaves I polish fingerprints from the tables, vacuum crumbs and put everything back in it's place...and I wonder why this ol' grammy is too pooped to participate? And the very next morning I get to do it all again. Funny thing is...I wouldn't have it any other way. He brings me such joy!

Love to all!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Bambino

It has been a long day and I am tired. I am more than ready for bed BUT I have to tell you that tonight...Luca Antonio Gatto was born. (that's Italian!!!) Weighing in at 8 lbs.&7 oz. and he was 21" long. Luca is the son of Meaghan, our daughter Mandy's best friend since 10th grade. (they are now 30 yrs. old)
Miss Meaghan has been around this place so much, that she is like my own. So, tonight I feel as if my 6th Grandbaby has arrived! That makes 4 Grandboys! Oh, boy! Needless to say Kell (the official photographer) was at the hospital this morning so I had 3 Grandbabies all day. And Mandy went straight there as soon as she got off work...There was no way they were going to miss being there when Luca came into the world! Tony (Meg's hubby) got queasy from some of the procedures and was such a wreck at times that when they had to do a Csection, well, they didn't know if he'd remain standing...he did. Kelly even asked during labor if she was going to have to be the Tony catcher and Meaghan replied with her usual sarcasm "No, just let him hit the floor, you're here for me!"
So, tonight the Andrews gals are a happy bunch...waiting for this little Bambino has been a joy!

Love to All!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


"You don't have a Soul.
You are a Soul.
You have a body."

C.S. Lewis

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Doings

1. Miss Em & I made our favorite breakfast of homemade waffles and warm maple syrup.

2. Quickly cleaned up and headed to the Mart for groceries before the winter storm arrived.

3. Whew...we made it home with time to spare and worked as a team putting everything away.

4. I then vacuumed, swiffer vac'd the kitchen, polished tables, made the beds...yes, I went to the Mart with unmade beds...gasp! Oh, and I scrubbed the bathroom.

5. Of course there's laundry...1 load down about 3 more to go!

6. Just took Maddy's favorite Funfetti cake out of the oven to cool. Em who is now snoozing, because she was awake at 5 a.m. will frost it after it cools and her napping is done.

7. I still have to make Maddy's favorite supper of Lasagna and Garlic bread. We are celebrating her birthday a day late because her Mama and Daddy were sick yesterday. And besides she wanted to go ice skating with her friends last night.
For those Zarazua's that do not like Lasagna, I bought Fried Chicken from the deli,
gotta keep everyone happy!

8. The winter storm has arrived! We could get up to 7" before it's through...It's winter in Michigan.

9. I am looking lovely in my sweat pants and plan to stay that way. Warm & comfy!

10. My firstborn Grandbaby is 12 years old. Next year my Madsy will be a teenager...big sigh.

Stay warm and have a blessed, peaceful weekend.

Love to all!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Time

Well it's that time of time. Tomer met with our CPA yesterday and the good news is that when all is said and done...we broke even. It's kind of a balancing act. Owe federal, getting back from state, minus CPA's fees = 0. Thank You Jesus!
As Pastor Pat says "be thankful for taxes because that means you were employed." I love his are a few other things he says that we should be thankful for.

Be thankful for tight fitting clothes because it means that we are well fed. Whoa, new way of thinking...Hmmm.
Be thankful when the alarm goes off in the morning because it means we're alive! Yes, I am breathing!
Be thankful for huge utility bills because it means that we are warm. Amen to that!

Much of our life is a we live, how we believe.
Do we check our spirits when they become prideful or critical? What about carelessness? These are not the choices God wants us to make. We should be seen as humble, Kind and I know that in myself these are things that I can't change. They are the works of the Holy Spirit and I have to be ever mindful of Him. My ear has to hear, my heart has to feel. The work on ME is ongoing, for I am far from perfect. I am a work in progress, ever a tree, my branches reaching out yet needing pruning from time to time. And like that tree I must wait on the Master Gardener for pruning...he knows what limbs to rid me of and what limbs to growth depends on Him...I just have to stand and wait...Yes, it's all in His Hands.

Love to All!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stuffed Cabbage & Jello Cake

Here in the Andrews house we are settling down for the evening. It has been a busy, yet very happy day for our family. It was a no school day for everyone. Yahoo!
And in honor of Presidents Day the Historical Henry Ford Museum offered free admission for a stroll down memory lane. So as part of Kelly's birthday celebration she and PaPa (Tomer) packed up all 5 Grandbabies and set off for a day of learning and time well spent. Surprisingly, our Divine Miss Em was not impressed one bit. She found it sooo boring that I know it shortened their exploring...which the others love.
Kell took lots of pictures, which is no surprise. So be sure to check her Blog soon to catch a glimpse of history. (Constance, you would love the place.)
While preparing for Kell's birthday Supper of her favorite Stuffed Cabbage and Jello Cake I found my pantry lacking a few items. So with list in hand off I went to the grocery felt good to be out and about on my own.
And since the Zarazua's (daughter Mandy's family) do not like Stuffed Cabbage...
Can you imagine? What kind of Hungarian is she??? So along with Stuffed Cabbage, I also made a large Taco Salad. That assured this ol' Grammy that everyone would leave here happy and well fed.
Xavier aka Scooter didn't want to go home,so he is spending the night. After walking the museum and running around here with his sissy and cousins. He is lounging on the couch behind me...numb and yawning. Soon he will be asleep and my day almost done.
33 years ago today at 3:26 a.m. I became a Mom...What a Miracle! Especially since Dr.'s had told us it would never happen. God had other plans for us!!!
I am blessed!!!

Love to all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help Me Remember

I have a secret. I am becoming a Fox News Network junkie. Bill O'Reilly is my favorite. He tells it like it is and usually finds himself in hot water with the far left liberal media. If he believes in something, there's no backing down or dancing around the issues.
I too am very verbal about my political opinions. Oh yeah, you're going to hear them if moral and ethical issues come up. And believe me, I've gotten my toes burned more than once, while verbally walking through hot waters. Why don't I just shut my mouth and let things go? Because as a child of God I am accountable to Him and I feel I had better stand my ground.
It took only one hateful, agnostic woman in the 60's to get prayer removed from our Schools. I remember up until 6th grade the teacher leading our class in Grace before lunch. And then we were told that we could pray no more. It was confusing to a child that had always said Grace...I wondered how one Madeline Murray O'Hare could accomplish such a feat?
That was a turning point in this nation. Moral decline came quickly. Businesses started opening on Sundays. Where before stores, gas stations and restaurants honored
the Sabbath day, our day of rest became just another busy day...nothing special.
What is coming next? With the stimulous package being rushed through so swiftly it makes me wonder what hidden agenda's it holds. And with what is now the 4th nominee for our new President's Cabinet stepping down today. I don't think this administration is as qualified as the American people were led to believe during the campaigns. But only time will be the judge of that. So, until then, this ol' gal will pray for our President. God give him wisdom. But mostly God be with us your people. Help us Lord to keep our eyes upon you. And help me to remember the words of the old song...may the things of earth become strangely the light of Your Glory and Grace.

Love to all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Week That Was

Thank God this past week is over and a new one beginning. It has been rough... Tomer has been sooo sick. I guess that driving a School Bus full of cooties you're bound to come in contact with every flu bug out there...told him tonight he needs to get himself a flu vaccine. His reply...yeah, probably next year. Question to you Nurses out there...should he get one now or wait?
So, I found myself going it alone in our Sunday School Class again this morning. Believe me, Tomer has to be VERY sick to miss 2 weeks in a row! Nancy who teaches the next grade up, invited us to join her class for a movie...Veggie tales. We had a great time together and I always love Nancy's company.
We've had a weekend more icicles and snow drifts. It is surprising how fast it all disappeared. Now everything is muddy and dirty looking after the rain...Snow is sooo much prettier. But, even I must admit the warmth of the sun and the milder temps felt mighty good this morning.
Yesterday, we celebrated Xavier's 3rd birthday. Where does the time go? It was a busy day for us, with the exception of PaPa who spent his day hiding away in the bedroom or upchucking in the bathroom. (Poor guy)
A new week is beginning, which I am thankful for since this past week was just a little bit much. And personally, I need to let go of some of this past weeks not so good events...I so covet your prayers??? I haven't slept well for the past few days and need to let go of past heartaches...but this OCD personality of mine doesn't shut off easily. Which is not a good thing!
I do realize though that there's a lesson in everything and as always the Good Lord will get me through...Hallelujah!
Yes, this too shall pass and for that I am truly thankful.

Love to all!